Thursday Tips: Does Familiarity Breed Contempt?

1001 Scribbles

There are plenty of good reasons to photograph in places with which you’re already familiar.  When you shoot in familiar spots, you have the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of the location.  You already know the subject matter worth shooting and the conditions that are most flattering to those subjects.  Essentially, there’s a bigger bang for the buck when you photograph in known locales; less time and energy need be expended searching out the best subjects and perspectives—these are already known quantities.

Allow me to illustrate the point with an example.

In early February, 2011, the American Upper Midwest was hit with a genuine blizzard.  I was in northeastern Illinois at the time and we received an estimated 21 inches of snow, accompanied by sustained winds of more than 40 MPH and gusts of better than 60 MPH.  I saw drifts that were more than four feet deep. …

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